Good Questions by Story Arts Studio

Good Questions

A guided online writing group for women writers and creative entrepreneurs who want to discern what to create next and how to move meaningfully onward.
The class material and writing group for this guided program will be available for free to all Story Arts Studio subscribers starting May 30. Become a subscriber on the website to receive the coupon that will give you 100% off.
"I would have never been able to do on my own all the deep digging that Cigdem guided me through. My business is now booming in all directions. Great new clients, speaking gigs, teaching, art. I also get a lot of good feedback about my website. I am so happy!”
CYNTHIA MORRIS, Author, Artist & Creativity Coach,
“Smart. Pointed. Insightful. Spurring… Cigdem has a way of helping you dig deeper to find and embrace a point of difference that’s meaningful for you and your market. Her wealth of knowledge is only matched by her warm and nourishing personality—making each mentoring session a delightful experience from start to finish.”
TRACEY SELINGO, Writer & Intuitive Consultant,

"The marvelous thing about a good question is that it shapes our identity as much by the asking as it does by the answering."

“I’m in the strategist’s chair everyday in my own business, and what I really needed was someone who could give me what I give to my clients: wise, supportive strategy. Working with Cigdem has been one of the smartest investments I’ve made this year.”
JAC McNEIL, Co-Active Coach & Thought Partner,
"Cigdem's guidance helped me wake up to the truth of myself. To bravely enter the creative abyss. To know that it is safe to embrace my inner knowing. She has been the catalyst for me to step onto my true purpose. I cannot thank her enough for her gentle mentorship”
KADENA TATE, Business Strategist & Speaker,